The Best Electric Bike Accessory To Own in 2020!

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We have tried and tested numerous bike rack options and electric bike accessories but none of them have been able to compete with the Topeak MTX QuickTrack Rack System.

It looks like any other bicycle rack out there however the Devil’s in the details. The small ridges on the top plate allow for other Topeak accessories to be installed on the bike effortlessly.

topeak rack system

You simply have to slide in a Topeak MTX Trunk Bag which provides you with plenty of room to pack for a picnic or a trip to the beach.

The bag uses a particular material that allows for larger space, stiffness, and weather resistance.

Additionally, the expandable top section and rear water bottle holder, the side panels expand to full panniers which maximize the capacity.

It is compatible with all of the MTX QuickTrack lineup with attachable side frames.

Here are some images of what the system would look like:

Topeak Rack System Installed on Aventon Pace 500

topeak mtx trunk bag

topeak rack system on an aventon pace 500

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