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New Electric Bikes for Sale

Electric bikes are a great investment. They make it easy to cruise the streets in style while reducing the costs and environmental impact associated with gas-powered vehicles.

Today, you have many options which you can purchase your new eBike from! Instead of purchasing directly from the manufacturer, or an electronic store, surf shop, or perhaps even Costco — why not purchase directly from the experts — US. You can turn to us whenever technical support is needed, as we are the eBike professionals with a full-service department, and you will receive priority service at all times!

Find the right eBike for your style, budget, and transportation needs in our convenient showroom. We carry a wide selection of eBikes from the Electric Bike Company, Aventon, Blix’s, Zooz eBikes, Vonax, Himiway eBIkes, and more. Whether you’re looking to buy an everyday commuter electric bicycle or you want something ready for your next adventure – we have what you need. We are bicycle shop professionals with over 50 years of combined shop experience and offer full service and priority support to those who purchase bikes from us. Pay us a visit and see the difference today!

New ebikes are eligible for return within a 72-hour window from the date of purchase. To qualify for a return, the bikes should have traveled fewer than 10 miles and exhibit no indications of use or damage. Please note that a restocking fee of $50 will be applied.

Stop in today to find the right eBike for your needs.
Call us at 949-484-6409 or visit us today to learn more about our selection of eBikes!

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