Valentine’s Day on A Bike

Whispering breeze in your hair, sun-kissed cheeks, and laughter echoing under open skies. You and your beloved, side by side on trusty steeds, carving a path through the scenic landscapes of Southern California. Enjoy Valentine’s Day riding together.

The Cyclists’ Guide to Valentine’s Day

It is everyone’s favorite time of year again! So get ready for heart-shaped chocolates, a bed of roses, and sparkling beverages from long-stemmed flutes. OK, maybe not everyone’s style but when taken more broadly as a day to celebrate love and all the people you care about (yourself included)—Valentine’s Day isn’t so bad, right? And let’s be honest, there’s a good chance you’re going to end up feeling left out if you don’t plan at least a little something special to mark the day, be that with your sweetheart, a pal, your cat or just you and your real true love (your bike). So whether you’re looking to impress your new cycling crush or simply like the idea of gifting yourself a special treat in appreciation for all you do, read on to get some inspiration to help spice up this generally dreary second month of the year. If you happen to be celebrating the day with another cycling fanatic, lucky you! These activities should be right up your alley.

Go for a ride together (duh!)

Sorry, but for all its obviousness, we had to lead with this one. The idea here is to plan something a little special that ventures outside of your regular routine. Whether that means planning to ride to one of your favorite local cafes for a treat or (depending on how cold it is where you live) synching up your trainers for a romantic (Zwift) ride through the French countryside—just make it your own. We all know cycling is one of the most riveting activities a person can do, so even if you just sneak in a quick ride before the big romantic dinner you have planned, you’ll both be feeling more amorous as a result.

Give each other massages

Yes, please! If my boyfriend is reading this—this is what I want. It need not be a complicated production, either. We all know that a leg and glute massage will not go unappreciated. So, if you’re looking to solidify your place in a cyclists’ heart, put on some relaxing tunes, find a comfy spot to lay down, and spend a bit of time helping get your lover’s body rejuvenated in anticipation of their next big session in the saddle.

Get inspired by the cycling greats

If this time of year has you feeling the cosy vibes, then why not slip into something comfortable, snuggle up on the couch, and watch the sport’s best push themselves to the edge. You can talk technique, get motivated for the warmer days ahead, and be better equipped with cycling trivia for your next post-group-ride beer. Allow us to suggest a pick from this list.

Cook (or order in) their favorite recovery meal

Dust off your apron and spend the afternoon making something love-filled and delicious that you know your date will enjoy. Alternatively, if you don’t think you have it in you to recreate their mother’s prized lasagna, order take-out from the Italian place down the road. It’s not lazy; it’s called supporting local business!

Cute Valentine’s Day gift ideas for cyclists

If you’re looking for a little something to make your date smile without breaking the bank, here are some fun and flirty cycling-themed ideas.

Homemade energy treats

Whipping up a batch of your valentine’s favorite energy bar, cookie or power ball is a sweet and affordable way to show them you care. Not to mention, they’ll think of you every time they bite into your delicious creation while powering through their next ride. Double win!  

A personalized top cap

Pretty much every modern bike uses a top cap (also known as a headset cap), and some creative bike lovers have found a way to use them to give your ride a personal touch. Upfront in the cockpit, it’s always right where the object of your affection can read it. With a personalised top cap, you’ll be on their mind every time they ride.

Bum butter

What could be more romantic? Seriously, though, ask any cyclist about the all-mighty importance of chamois cream, and you’ll get the same affirmative response. Opt for a refill of their favorite brand or allow us to recommend the tried and true Chamois Butt’r.


Chain lube, of course. We love Muc-Off’s wet lube formula. It contains no harmful acids, CFCs or solvents, plus it is biodegradable. You’ll be giving your date increased efficiency in the drive chain and doing well by the environment. Sounds good to us.

A map

Planning (or hoping to plan) a cycling getaway in the coming months? Get a map of your dream destination and spend the evening planning routes, discussing kilometres-per-day, and just indulging in the reverie of your next cycling adventure.

Do some online shopping together

No time to shop in advance? Why not plan to spend the evening with a bottle of bubbles while cruising the internet for what you both really want instead of chocolates and flowers anyway: bike stuff. Don’t forget to check out your local bike shop’s e-commerce page!

The final verdict on V-Day

Maybe you can’t be with your partner this year, don’t have the time or energy to plan anything, or just aren’t really feeling the love. Don’t sweat it! We are very much of the opinion that, while Valentine’s Day can make a fun celebration, love isn’t limited to February 14th and can be shown every day of the year. The mood will strike eventually, and now you’re armed with some good ideas for when it does. Don’t forget to give your bike a kiss goodnight, though; it deserves it! Pedal into a Valentine’s Day you’ll never forget with Synaptic Cycles. Rent your adventure and explore love on two wheels. Call us today at 949.484.6409. Remember to follow us on Instagram @synapticcycles
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