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As bike enthusiasts, we know the thrill of exploring new areas in an intimate way by traveling trails and visiting sites on your bicycle. As bikers, we also know the stress that can come with traveling with your personal bike. Stressful thinking that the airline will damage your bike- or worse- lose it, can make traveling with your bike a daunting experience. For those looking to experience adventure and explore the Orange, San Diego, or Los Angeles Counties – we got you! Our passion is to provide high-quality road, mountain, and e-bikes to cycling enthusiasts (or beginners!) who are visiting the area. Our concierge service will deliver your bicycle rental, fit it to you, ensure you have all the necessary equipment, and then send you on your way to explore (with route ideas!) this beautiful region!

Whether your preferred method of exploring is on a road bicycle or an electric bike (E-bike), we have the high-quality equipment available for rental that you are looking for. If the San Juan Creek trail and its beautiful parks, ranches, and architecture is calling your name, or you want to take in the sites of lush golf courses on your way to Salt Creek Beach, we know the trails and routes to suggest for you to explore and elevate your stay in our gorgeous region. Whatever the distance, sights, and senses you want to stimulate, we can offer suggestions for the best way for you to spend the day on your bike. If your group is interested in a guided tour with fun and friendly staff, that is also an option for you to get the most out of your experience with us.

Avid bicycle enthusiasts are aware of the health benefits of cycling. For those who may be new to this method of exercise and transportation, your vacation getaway is the perfect time to explore the benefits of E-bikes while touring around the region. E-Bikes, while not completely motorized like a moped, allow some assistance in tackling those steep hills and relieve some of the strain and stress that can be placed on knees and joints with a traditional road bike. For those still looking to stay active while away, E-bikes are an excellent option to see the sights while keeping in mind your level of fitness and physical capabilities, and level of experience. Our stylish and comfortable pedal-assisted E-bikes take the best parts of riding and extend them.

Choose what kind of bike is best for you- and we will do the rest! From delivery, to set up, to pick up at the end of your rental period, we provide you with first-class service to help elevate your vacation! Our staff have extensive backgrounds in the biking and racing world and are ready to provide you with the experience of a lifetime, and the high-end equipment you are looking for! Visit our Facebook page at or give us a call at 949.484.6409 to get started on your adventure!