eBikes: Efficient Exercise & FUN

If you ride your eBike right, not only is it a form of transportation, but it can also count towards your daily exercise. With today’s busy schedule, being able to kill the proverbial two birds with one stone makes the purchase of an eBike the practical and efficient way to get from point A to B, while also getting in your elevated heart rate moments throughout your day. As pandemic restrictions are lifting, people are looking for other methods of transportation that are not ride-sharing programs, or packed commuter trains. An eBike may provide the opportunity to quicken your commute safely while giving you an opportunity to exercise – plus, well — they are super fun!

The benefits of an eBike:

  • Commutes are quicker versus a standard pedal bike
  • Reduces ecological impact by driving less
  • Decreased perspiration compared to pedal bikes (ie: You won’t arrive a sweaty mess!)
  •  Physiological benefits through elevated heart rates

And…did we mention super fun?

Depending on how riders adjust their bikes, the benefits of exercise can be witnessed. A technological compromise between a standard bike and a scooter, eBikes look very similar to a self-powered bike but come fitted with an electric motor to help assist pedaling, adding extra power to every stroke. Most eBikes will assist in pedaling for you until you reach a speed of 20 MPH, or until you stop pedaling. Essentially, the goal of an eBike is to make pedaling less taxing, helping you to get to your destination more quickly while reducing the amount of sweat and physical exertion that comes with a traditional self-powered bike. Additionally, eBikes can help assist riders with trickier parts of their commute, such as riding uphill, providing another advantage. (And they are super fun.) Measuring the physiological benefits, in tests done on those who ride an eBike, it became evident that yes, commute times were quickened with an eBike (3 miles in 11 minutes compared to the 14 minutes it took on a standard bike), but heart rates and respiration also rose enough to qualify it as a moderate workout. Therefore, the commute becomes easier, and over time, there are fitness benefits to taking your eBike on your daily commutes. The findings of the study show that by utilizing an eBike, riders can both improve their commute, their health, and the environment. The assistance level on your eBike and your experience with riding one should all be taken into account, as well as following all safety protocols to make sure you get to your destination safely, and efficiently. Every rider will require different levels of assistance, and your individual circumstances should always be taken into consideration. We know eBikes! Our experienced and passionate team is here to help you get the ride that is best suited for you and your lifestyle! Visit our Facebook page or give us a call at 949.484.6409 to get fitted for your ideal ride! 
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Synaptic Cycles Road Bike Rentals

It was super convenient to rent from Synaptic Cycles during my recent family holiday in Anaheim. Joe dropped off the bike at my hotel at a time that was convenient for me and quickly got me setup. The bike was great -- all carbon and fast
Rating: 5
Francois H (Tripadvisor.com)
source: www.tripadvisor.com/

"Rented a bike over the holidays and had a fantastic experience. The bike was delivered straight to my door and it was already dialed into the measurements I sent ahead of time. The Calfee carbon bike I got rode like a dream, and the price was definitely competitive given the quality of the bike and service." - Chris J (Yelp) source: www.yelp.com

“I rented a bike at the last minute and Synaptic Cycles responded quickly! Joe brought over to my hotel the right sized (and high quality) bike at the right price for three days of great riding. He made needed seat adjustments on the spot. Great service.” - ABC (Yahoo Reviews)
source:  local.yahoo.com

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