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The Best Electric Bike Accessory To Own in 2020!

We have tried and tested numerous bike rack options and electric bike accessories but none of them have been able to compete with the Topeak MTX QuickTrack Rack System. It looks like any other bicycle rack out there however the Devil’s in the details. The small ridges on the top plate allow for other Topeak […]

Electric Bike Batteries – Amphours, Watts, and Volts!

When looking to buy a brand new electric bike, one of the most important factors to consider is the battery.  Here are 3 battery specs that you should know about before making your purchase:    Watt (W) This unit of measure is similar to describing the engine size on a car which affects your maximum […]

Team Building Activities and Guided Bike Rides 2020

Corporate Events and Team Building Activities 2020 Mark’s team is both hard-working and exceptionally experienced; however, after months of working from home due to the pandemic, its performance has been “hit and miss.” His team appears to have lost much of its motivation and energy. Mark like any good leader can’t stand watching his team […]

Top 4 eBikes to Buy or Rent in 2020

Here at Synaptic Cycles, when we purchase our eBikes, we are extremely meticulous about what we buy.  This is because we have our customers in mind first and foremost and therefore we want to make sure that we deliver the best experience both on our bikes and off of them (considering our seamless reservation, transaction, […]

Thinking of building your own eBike? Simply put: DON’T!

If you just purchased an eBike and it’s supposed to be delivered to your door by Friday and you’re planning on testing it out on a ride with your pals on Saturday, our best advice to you is to CANCEL your plans. Here’s why:  Once you receive the eBike, you’re going to want to piece […]

Bike Repair… It Doesn’t Have To Be Such A Daunting Process

Imagine that you’re cruising down a street after having worked your way up when you suddenly feel like there’s something wrong with your bike. It could be a flat tire, a brake pad rubbing against the rim, a loose pedal or some of your chain rubbing against the front derailleur. Now you either call a […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Bikes

Electric bikes are everywhere!  Have you experienced the eBike thrill yet?  If not, you should ride one!  All of a sudden the possibilities are endless. With an electric bike you can travel further, see more of the city, carry the kids, carry the dog, and the cooler to the beach.  Are you tired of looking […]

Our favorite road cycling routes in Southern California

South from Dana Point/San Clemente hills: South from Dana Point to Las Pulgas- flat/coastal: Laguna Niguel/Dana Point climbs: Newport Coast/Shady Canyon Loop: Santiago Canyon, Live Oak Canyon, Silverado Canyon: Laguna Beach Climbs- amazing views: San Gabriel mountain/Glendora Mountain Road to Hwy 39 to Crystal Lake: Mount Baldy ride: […]