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Avengers assemble!-New Bicycle Jerseys in stock.

March 16, 2013Joe BartoeNews, Products

CureSearchIt’s been a little over a year since my good friend and graphics guru, Jon Grant, lost his son to leukemia. If you have followed my company’s goings on, you are likely aware of our efforts to help Jon and his family raise money to help pay for the hospital costs associated with Auggie’s treatment.

Recently, I decided it was time to put new bicycle jerseys together, and of course, I asked Jon to start putting some ideas together. We decided to simplify and go for a lighter blue color style with navy and orange accents. The result, we think, is a very nice looking jersey. SYNA_jersey_2013_FINAs we finished up the jersey, I asked Jon to place the CureSearch for Children’s Cancer on the back pocket, along with the words “For Auggie”. We also added a special message from Auggie inside the pocket.

One thing everyone should know about Auggie is that he most wanted to be a super hero, and he wanted everyone to be one with him. Auggie would run around with his cape flowing in the breeze, fighting crime. If you had the pleasure of meeting Auggie in person, there was a good chance that he would hand you a cape and urge you to come help him fight. Even in the hospital, he would sing the theme song from The Avengers television series.

We are asking you to buy our cape, in jersey or vest form, and help us to fight children’s cancer. We are donating profits from our jersey sale to CureSearch for Children’s Cancer. Please, join us in this fight! For more info on CureSearch, click on the logo.

The pricing is as follows:

$75 Jersey
$70 Wind Vest
$100 Thermal Vest.

$10 per garment sold will be donated to CureSearch in Auggie’s name.

Here’s a link to the sizing charts:

You can order the jerseys directly in our online shop: .

Or you can contact us directly via email: or phone: 949-364-6079 to purchase.

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