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October 25, 2012Joe BartoeNews0

Occasionally, we are hired to provide services for group and corporate events. Last week we provided bicycle rentals at a conference at the Ritz Carlton in Laguna Niguel. United Parcel Service wanted to have bicycles available to attendees and their families. We were contacted somewhat out of the blue and a little late in the game, but we were able to pull together the amount of bikes and get everything together on time for the event.

These kinds of events are the sort of thing we can easily do. There are a large number of places that rent bicycles, but many of them are tied to a shop. Our business is inherently mobile. We don’t have a brick and mortar shop that people come to in order to rent bikes. We bring the bicycles directly to you. And if we can bring one, we can certainly bring more.

We specialize in high-end road bicycle rentals, but on fairly short notice, we can obtain other types of bikes. For the event at the Ritz Carlton, we brought road bikes, city bikes, and beach cruisers. We also provided helmets to everyone that rode.

In addition to providing the bikes, we have the ability to bring an experienced bicycle mechanic that has worked many years in bicycle shops in Southern California, but has also served as a support mechanic during races and charity bicycle events. We have no problems throwing a bike on the workstand and getting it back up and running, and if needed, we will set up a bike on a stationary trainer and make sure that the bike fit is adjusted for you.

We haven’t advertised these services much, but we really should. These events are a lot of fun and allow us to meet great people and get them out on bicycles. We don’t want to limit ourselves to conferences, though. If you want to plan a corporate team-building event, we can do that. If you want to plan a small group tour, we can do that. We have the ability to provide many bikes in a variety of sizes and we can provide the type of support that your group or company desires.

Let us help you plan your event. We can provide the bicycles, the fitting and mechanical expertise, as well as the basic support for your event. We will even provide rolling support or tour leaders should your event require it.

Please, call us at (949)374-6079 for pricing. We evaluate your needs and provide pricing based upon the bicycles and services you will require for the event.

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