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Synaptic Cycles

Would you buy a car after a 5-minute drive around the block? Of course not!

So, why would you buy a high-end road bike after a 5-minute test ride in a parking lot? Road bikes are expensive, and you will spend many long hours on your bike.

If you’re anything like us, you’ll be on your bike longer each week than you’re in your car. That’s why we want you to spend quality time with the bike you’re considering. Try it out on your favorite road for a day or two or even a week. You can only know the bike if you ride it…a lot. Only then will you understand how it handles your favorite descents or that bumpy section of road in the middle of your favorite route or whether it climbs better than other bikes you’ve ridden. Our demo program offers you the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of which bike is right for you.

How Does it Work?

Contact us and rent a bike of interest from our rental fleet. We have Calfee Tetra Pros and Volagi Liscios available. All of our bikes have Ultegra or better component groups and were chosen to be representative of the brand. The overall fit and performance of our rental bikes will be very similar to other models in the Calfee and Volagi lines.

Once you’ve ridden the bike and made a decision to purchase, we will credit the rental fees (up to a maximum of $500) toward the purchase of your new bike. We will work with you to determine which model and parts kits to spec on the bike and when it arrives, we will tune it, set it up to your specs and deliver it to your door (or ship it if you are not local to our area).

The Bikes

Calfee – The Calfee Designs frames are handmade in Northern California to exacting specifications. Calfee Designs has been in the business of building carbon bikes since 1988 and few builders have the extensive experience of the people at Calfee Design. Their experience with carbon fiber gives them the advantage in knowing how to get the best ride quality and longevity by orienting the fiber in the most effective manner. You will love riding these bikes!


Volagi – Volagi’s Liscio – A road bike with disk brakes! The frame has been engineered with revolutionary LongBow Flex™ stays that absorb road vibration, but retain the torsional stiffness for control and efficiency. Combine that with aero shaped carbon tubing and efficient braking power and you have a bike you can ride all day long, as fast as your legs will let you!